Digitaler Content von der Rennstrecke für Porsche





2014 is for Porsche the year to return. Return to top-motorsports. Return to the highest class of FIA World Endurance Championship. And to return to the world´s most epic race: The 24 hours of Le Mans. Our Job? To accompany this mission and share the story with the world: The development of the futuristic race car 919 Hybrid and the 911 RSR, secret tests with the worksdrivers on racetracks around the world, and of course, the race season itself.
Buckle up for the fastest campaign in 2014!!!


//Interactive Media Hub//
A detailed content webspecial that starts with the history of porsche and extends up to the race season:






















//TV Commercial//
A TVC that shows the meaning of motorsports for the Porsche brand.


//CGI Films//
A completely digitally animated launch film for the 919 Hybrid.



//Motorsports App//
Mobile application with latest news, drivers and special infos about Porsche motorsports.


//Porsche at the 6h of Silverstone//
Written, filmed and experienced on the racetrack.



//Porsche at the 24h of Le Mans//
The title goes to Audi. The respect to our teams.